Born out of earth

"I form this raw material, earth, with my hands guided by my own imagination, but it seeks to mysteriously elude me; the alchemistic process of firing adds surprising new elements each time. I shape the material and simultaneously it has its own power. I try to detect this elementary power within me through the conflicting process. The complementary opposites of stillness and movement, convex and concave, arise from the strong kneading and the fine curving and modelling. I shape the dampness and the softness, it dries and becomes matt and fragile, and through the transformation in the fire arises the firmness and shine. We too spring from the same ephemeral materials issuing from the Mother Earth. The rebirth through the fire brings something to life which transcends time."

"I owe endless thanks to this Mother Earth, and to my spiritual Mother, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, for this abundant inspiration and enlightenment."


Keramik Wien
Brigitte Saugstad Keramik Ceramic


Brigitte Saugstad studied ceramic art and design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna under Prof. Matteo Thun. After completing her studies, the artist spent several months at the College of Art in New Delhi where she delved into the Indian mythology regarding the archetype of the ‘divine inner child’ — the elephant-headed god, Ganesha. Deeply moved and inspired by this experience, the artist has let him playfully dance through her hands over the years, and in all her works is woven this principle of the inner child — the embodiment of childlike joy, innocence and wisdom within.

Rather than provoke thought with her art, Brigitte Saugstad prefers to effect a state of thoughtless-awareness and release. The Italian art critic, Georgio Pilla, summarized Brigitte Saugstad’s art in the following words: “The nature of the works lies in the flowing movements, the gliding and the floating, that lend the sculptures and other objects an extraordinary impression of joy and lightness. At the same time the works radiate a strength and solidarity with the earth. It is this balance between dynamism and harmony that instantly attracts the observer and suffuses one with life.”

Born in Vienna, Brigitte Saugstad presently lives and works as an independent artist in Vienna and the countryside of Lower Austria.

A sampling of international exhibitions

2018: „open art 2018“ Gallery Merlino, Florenz, Italy

2018: „Die Dynamik der Stille“ Eine Art Gallery Mödling, Austria

2018: „Schatten“ Kunst:Werk St.Pölten, Austria

2018: ArtInnsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria


2017: „No Robots“ Gallery KOKO, Vienna, Austria

2017: 71th annual exhibition, St.Pölten city Museum of the St.Pöltner Künstlerbundes, Austria

2017: Ibiza Artfair, Ibiza, Spain

2017: AIDAC „Salon2017“ Saint-Tropez, France

2017: Art Baho, Barcelona, Spain

2017: “Salon Golden Garden“ Mandelieu/ Cannes Villa Ruzzana, France

2017: Hommage a Morandi“ Verein für Kunst-Kultur, Eichgraben, Austria

2017: Art Shopping, Caroussel du Louvre Paris, France

2017: Kölner Liste, Gallery m Beck, Cologne, Germany

2017: „Hommage à Morandi“ Verein für Kunst und Kultur Eichgraben, Eichgraben, Austria.

2017: „Art Baho“ Art Nou Mil.lenni, Barcelona, Spain.

2017: „surprise“ Kunst:Werk, St. Pölten, Austria.

2017: „gegenwärtig“ Kunst:Werk, St. Pölten, Austria.

2017: Kölner Liste Gallery m Beck, Köln, Germany.

2017: „rund“ Kunst:Werk, St. Pölten, Austria.

2017: „taktil“ Kunst:Werk, St. Pölten, Austria.


2016: Art Innsbruck Artinnovation, Innsbruck, Austria.

2016: „Horizonte“ St. Pöltner Künstlerbund, St. Pölten, Austria.

2016: Art Monaco, Monaco.

2016: 70. Jahresausstellung St. Pöltner Künstlerbund, St. Pölten, Austria.

2016: „Kunst am Zaun“, Börsepark Vienna, Austria.

2016: „Not for sale“ St. Pöltner Künstlerbund, St. Pölten, Austria.

2016: „schwarz, weiß & grau“ St. Pöltner Künstlerbund, St. Pölten, Austria

2016: ArtInnsbruck Artinnovation, Innsbruck, Austria

2016: „Glück“ Galerie m Beck, Homburg, Germany


2015: „Christmas exhibition“ Art Nou Mil.lenni gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

2015: „Christmas exhibition“ gallery of Cafe Latte Grande, Vienna, Austria.

2015: „Christmas exhibition“ Secret Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.

2015: „Christmas exhibition“ Berekai Art Salon, Budapest, Hungary.

2015: „69. annual exhibition of St. Pöltner Künstlerbund“ Stadtmuseum, St. Pölten, Austria.

2015: Art book „Artedition“ Artinnovation, Innsbruck, Austria.

2015: "Inner Peace" Darb 1718 Contemporary Art & Culture Center, Cairo, Egypt.

2015: "Artotal" Art Nou Mil.lenni Gallery, Barcelona, Spanien.

2015: "The Mural for the Peace" Museum of the Americas, Miami, USA.

2015: Chianciano Biennale 2015, Siena, Italy.

2015: 'Sommerfest' Artinnovation, Innsbruck, Austria.

2015: Art Beijing 2015, Art Nou Mil.lenni Gallery, Beijing, China.

2015: KÖLNER LISTE 2015, Galerie Artinnovation, Köln, Germany.

2015: ‘The Mural for the Peace‘ Alliance Francaise of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

2015: ‘The Mural for the Peace‘ Hispanic Institute of Houston, USA.

2015: ArtInnsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria.

2015: London Biennale 2015, London, UK.


2014: Palm Art Award ‘Certificate of Excellence‘ for extraordinary artistic quality and originality, Germany.

2014: ‘Festzeit‘ LDXArtodrome Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

2014: ‘The illusion of reality‘ Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy.

2014: Permanent exhibition, Österreichische Werkstätten, Wien, Austria.

2014: Art Fair Köln, LDXArtodrome Gallery, Köln, Germany.

2014: S Art Space Gallery, New York, USA.

2014: Galleria Sabrina Falzone, Milan, Italy.

2014: 1. Art Fair Iran, Teheran, Iran.

2014: ‘Überraschungen‘ Galerie Impact, Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

2014: ‘Querschnitte‘ Galerie Merikon, Palais Esterhazy, Vienna, Austria.

2014: Artist Catalogue, International Contemporary Artists, USA.

2014: ArtInnovation, Kunst und Kulturhaus Tegernsee, Germany.

2014: ArtInnsbruck, Galerie Bertrand Kass, Innsbruck, Austria.


2013: Art calendar 2014, Artinnovation, Innsbruck, Austria.

2013: Catalogue presentation 2008-2013, Rearte Galery, Vienna, Austria.

2013: Catalogue presentation ART3, Museum St. Johann, Austria.

2013: 67. annual exhibition, St. Pöltner Künstlerbund, Stadtmuseum, St. Pölten, Austria.

2013: Burgruine Reichenstein VI Internationales Malerfest, Reichenstein, Austria.

2013: Imperial Palace, Lions Club Tyrol collective charity exhibition, Innsbruck, Austria.

2013: Galerie ArtRoom21, collective exhibition with Kitz Art, Innsbruck, Austria.

2013: Akzenta Graz, Galerie Bertrand Kass, Graz, Austria.

2013: Art Innsbruck, Galerie Bertrand Kass, Innsbruck, Austria.


2012: ‘Beyond Thoughts’ Rearte Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2012: ‘ViennaBloom’ and ‘Papageno hearts’ Wiener Werkstätten, Vienna, Austria.

2012: Galerie Bertrand Kass, Innsbruck, Austria.

2012: ‘Changing Places – Art Without Borders’ Galerie Offenes Atelier D.U. Design, Villach, Austria.

2012: Festival Cultura dello Spirito, Albera Ligure, Italy.

2012: Kunst Pavillion, Spring Art Fair, Galerie Bertrand Kass, Graz, Austria.

2012: ‘QuadriArt’ EAGL Gallery, Berlin, Germany.


2011: ‘Ice Princesses’ Hartmann Optik, Vienna, Austria.

2011: ‘Multiple Choice’ Domenig Gallery, Vienna, Austria.

2011: ‘ViennaBloom‘ Park Heldenberg, Austria.

2011: ‘Ice Princesses’ Gallery-Studio 18, Vienna, Austria.


2010: ‘Ganeshas and Fairies’ Kunst- und Kulturverein, Eichgraben, Austria.

2010: ‘Festival Cultura dello Spirito’ Albera Ligure, Italy.


2009: ‘Elephants For Peace’ Gallery-Studio 18, Vienna, Austria.

2009: ‘Festival Cultura dello Spirito’ Albera Ligure, Italy.

2009: ‘Elephants For Peace’ Ledra Street border-checkpoint, international peace exhibition, Cyprus.

2009: ‘Elephants For Peace’ Famagusta Gate Gallery, international peace exhibition, Cyprus.


2008: ‘Christmas Spirit’ Galerie am Karmelitermarkt, Vienna, Austria.

2008: ‘Ganesha’ Galerie zum Alten Rathaus, Stockerau, Austria.

2008: ‘Role Plays: Impressions of Venice’ Karmeliter Kirche, Wiener Neustadt, Austria.

2008: ‘Distribuzione dei ruoli’ Centro D’Arte San Vidal, U.C.A.I. Venice, Italy.


2007: ‘Colors in Winter’ Chocolate Factory, Vienna, Austria.

2006: ‘Christmas Exhibition’ Domus Designer Furniture House, Vienna, Austria.

2005: ‘Colors in Winter’ Galerie am Karmelitermarkt, Vienna, Austria.

2001–2004: Heritage House Gallery, Langley, BC, Canada.

2001–2003: Arnold Mikelson’s Mind And Matter Gallery, Ocean Park, BC, Canada.

2000: ‘Flowers & Mirrors’ Gallery NC, Ashville, North Carolina, USA.


1990: ‘Reflections of the Heavens’ Historisches Museum, Vienna, Austria.
1985: ‘A New Coffee Landscape’ New York, USA and Innsbruck, Austria.
1984: ‘Contemporary Porcelain’ Demel, Vienna, Austria.

Art awards

„Adolf Peschek“
Publikumspreis 2016/ 2017
Stadtmuseum, St.Pölten

Leonardo Award for Sculpture
3. Preis für Werk “Eisprinzessin – Balance ist alles!”
Chianciano Biennale 2015
Siena, Italien

"Special mention for excellence"
London Art Biennale 2015

Palm Art Award 2014
"Certificate of Excellence"

„Premio De Marchi 2014"
Bologna, Italien

Art books

Hardcover Buch Artedition 2018
ARTEDITION  zeitgenössische Kunst, contemporary Art  ( Artinnovation Innsbruck ) ISBN 978-3-903030-Hardcover Buch Artedition 2016
ARTEDITION  zeitgenössische Kunst, contemporary Art  ( Artinnovation Innsbruck ) ISBN 978-3-200-04314-5Katalog
70 Jahre St.Pöltner Künstlerbund 1946-2016   Auflage über 500 Stück
…die letzten 10 Jahre
KunSTücke Werkband zeitgenössischer Künstler, works of contemporary artists, hardcover Bücher
Grüne-Edition: 2016    KUNST IST EINE FRAGE DER PERSPEKTIVE   ISBN  978-3-9 81 69 49-3-2
Orange-Edition: 2017  KUNST BIRGT EINEN MÄCHTIGEN ZAUBER   ISBN  978-3-9 81 69 49-4-9
Rote-Edition: 2018      DIE STERNE DER KUNST ERLÖSCHEN NIE!     IBSN  978-3-9 81 69 49-5-6
21st Salon International Des Artistes Contemporains  2017  Saint Tropez
Naumann Beck Verlag für Kunst und kluge Texte
Katalog:  GLÜCK   galerie m beck / Homburg/ Saar   2016  ISBN 9783939755487
Naumann Beck Verlag für Kunst und kluge Texte
Katalog:  GLÜCK   Kölner Liste  2017  ISBN 9783939755852    Auflage 500
Ausstellung „Glück“, Galerie m Beck , Naumann Beck/ Verlag für kluge Texte, Homburg 2016
Kunststücke - Werkeband zeitgenössischer Künstler, Südseiten Verlag, Moosrain am Tegernsee 2015
Artedition zeitgenössische Kunst, contemporary art, Artinnovation Innsbruck, Innsbruck 2015
Chianciano Biennale, Artmuseum Chianciano, Siena 2015
ART Innsbruck - 19th international fair for contemporary art & antiques, ART Kunstmesse GmbH, Innsbruck 2015
The Mural of the Peace, Museum of the Americas, Houston 2015
London Biennale – 130 artists 45 nations, Gagliardi Art & Partners, London 2015
Art3 - 150 Europäische Künstler, Kitzbüheler Kunstkreis, Galerie Kitz ART, Kitzbühel 2015
Art Collection Iran – International Gallery Exposition, Teheran 2014
ART.FAIR Köln, art.fair International GmbH, Köln 2014
International Contemporary Artists Vol. VIII, ICA Publishing, New York 2014
The illusion of reality – mostra internazionale arte, Galleria de marchi, Bologna 2014
Art3 - Zeitgenössische Kunst europäischer Künstler, Art3 Kunstverlag, Kitzbühel 2014
Kunststücke - Werkeband zeitgenössischer Künstler, Südseiten Verlag, Moosrain am Tegernsee, 2014
Rearte Gallery 2008-2013 - 5th anniversary, Rearte Gallery, Wien 2013
Eagl quadriART 2013, Eagl Gallery, Berlin 2013
Galerie Bertrand Kass 2012-2014, Galerie Bertrand Kass, Innsbruck 2012
Aufbruch in das Jahrhundert der Frau? Rosa Mayreder und der Feminismus in Wien um 1900, Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien, Wien 1990
Tee- und Kaffeeservice – A New Coffee Landscape, Hochschule für Angewandte Kunst, Wien 1984

brigitte Saugstad Kuenstlerin