Fuöö of stars Keramik

the sky is full of stars
it is not one, it is not two, it’s all of us

The world around us is in dispute
Look around me - all around
to the agony of choice:
take this - take that :
buy - buy - buy !!
Too little money - too much
And no love - no time
The human being disappears in the Hellmouth of the machine -
exchanged the technique - the perfect clone comes out - the plaything of perfection
Oh no !!
Not with me -
squeezed into slave labor of the money bosses
Always more ! Always more ! Always more ! Always more !
Control of the robots
no place
the human being
no place
no work - too much work - no life - no joy - nature is destroyed ......
but look :
The sky is full of stars - it is not one, it is not two, it’s all of us

Brigitte Saugstad

I form this raw material, earth, with my hands guided by my own imagination, but it seeks to mysteriously elude me; the alchemistic process of firing adds surprising new elements each time. I shape the material and simultaneously it has its own power.

SELF.I. The Bliss Casualty
„Bin ich das Selbst, bin ich das Ich?“
„Immer wieder erwische ich mich dabei
mich selber zu wichtig zu nehmen…ha da
ist dann Humor angesagt, über mich
selber zu lächeln und die Wichtigkeit nicht
so ernst zu nehmen.“


Brigitte Saugstad studied ceramic art and design under Prof. Matteo Thun at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria. After completing her studies she spent several months at the College of Art in New Delhi, India. In the Indian mythology she found inspiration for her art in the archetype of the ‘divine inner child’, Ganesha.


Ganesha - Sweetness of Life

The elephant god Ganesha has his roots on the Indian subcontinent. He is the wonderful symbol of the eternal child, joy, innocence and wisdom. Curiosity and fascination drive me to form this elephant out of clay.

Simple earth that slowly takes shape.
The prominent belly and plump arms and legs express the character of his sweet, childlike personality and complete satisfaction.
His movements are light and rhythmical, despite his corpulent body.
Out of his navel unfolds the motherly life energy in the form of a golden spiral.
The elephant head symbolises innocence and wisdom.
To defend these universal virtues he carries weapons in his hands and helps to overcome life’s obstacles with his powers.
Another hand holds sweets, a gift to satisfy hunger.
The fourth hand is raised to give blessings and good fortune.
With his broken tusk he writes the history of the universe.
Bejewelled like a king, sparkling with gold and precious stones, he sits there with his childlike smile.

These eternal attributes interweave the mythology with my artistic creations and let the elephant god Ganesha dance out of my hands.

Hanumana Keramik


During many journeys, the search and curiosity for other cultures, I discovered that I needed to find the peace I wanted for the world first in me.
The archetype Ganesha, the universal divine inner child, and Hanumana, the divine messenger, touched my heart, inspired me, and opened new paths for me as artist and human.

One motif that I return to again and again in my work is the image of Ganesha, the Indian elephant god, the archetype of the divine child.

Ganapati Armee Keramik

I have a vision ...

A motif I keep returning to in my work is the image of Ganesha, the Indian elephant god, the archetype of the divine child.

Sometimes fantastic - sometimes abstract - always new - Ganesha emerges from the clay in my hands.

Basically benevolent, however, Ganesha is also combative and wields weapons to defend his divine mother and her creation.

Today, in response to current world events, I am sending an army of terracotta soldiers into the battlefield in the form of Ganesha.

Ganesha is also called Ganapati, and in this form he is the leader of an army of good forces, of innocence, love, joy and wisdom.

My vision is that this army will march into the world to overcome all evil forces that want to harm people and creation.

Brigitte Saugstad

The nature of the works lies in the flowing movements, the gliding and the floating, that lend the sculptures and other objects an extraordinary impression of joy and lightness.

eisprinzessin Keramik

Ice Princesses

The passion for dance, speed and movement led me as a child to figure skating. I won several European junior championships before I ended my young career as a figure skater. But the fascination for powerful and harmonic movement lives still within me.

The Ice Princesses appear to betake themselves up into the air
and fly towards the heavens.
Despite their robustness their corporeality dissolves.
What remains is the lightness of being, the gliding and uplifting,
the balance and the arresting of movement.

A captured moment of weightlessness.

Rather than provoke thought with her art, Brigitte Saugstad prefers to effect a state of thoughtless-awareness and release.

Bluetenkugel ViennaBLOOM

Blossom Spheres - ViennaBLOOM

My homage to Vienna and the Vienna Workshops movement. Born in Vienna, I grew up surrounded by the ubiquitous presence of the Jugendstil/Art Nouveau movement. The Jugendstil epoch is of particular importance to the ceramic art and handcraft, thus it’s no wonder that I should draw inspiration for my artwork from the philosophy of the Vienna Workshops movement of that historical period. The ceramic works of that time mostly impress upon us a light, free and friendly world. The strong colours, playful decorations and love for detail are also an essential part of my artistic creations. The inner exuberance of Viennese Jungendstil ceramic sculptures can be discovered again in my works. The harmonic movements, the powerful curves and the abundance and luxuriance of the sculptures lend to my works their exceptional expression of joy, wellbeing and lightness. The ViennaBLOOM series is my homage to the Viennese ceramic art of the Jungendstil Vienna Workshops period.



Dipping even deeper into Viennese ceramics, the small series “Treasure Chest” has a very special meaning for me. The lively, light, playful, and fun shapes and colors of this era have inspired me to set no limits to my own playfulness. Treasure Chest contains plenty of lovingly decorated blossom spheres, which are abundantly covered with gold, ViennaBLOOM-Magic, Lucky Elephant-Magic, hearts, and small bowls. In Treasure Chest, I seek to pass on the joy and lightness which I feel and express in my magnificent and fine works. In the spirit of Wiener Werkstätte, every piece of this collection is unique, and is designed and produced with skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The exclusive treasures make perfect wedding gifts, souvenirs, and presents for special occasions. They can also be used to decorate wedding tables, or as gifts for wedding guests. My works from Treasure Chest are also especially popular with tourists visiting Vienna and can be found in the ample showrooms of Österreichische Werkstätten at Kärntnerstrasse 6.