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The elephant god Ganesha has his roots on the Indian subcontinent. He is the wonderful symbol of the eternal child, joy, innocence and wisdom. Curiosity and fascination drive me to form this elephant out of clay.

Simple earth that slowly takes shape.
The prominent belly and plump arms and legs express the character of his sweet, childlike personality and complete satisfaction.
His movements are light and rhythmical, despite his corpulent body.
Out of his navel unfolds the motherly life energy in the form of a golden spiral.
The elephant head symbolises innocence and wisdom.
To defend these universal virtues he carries weapons in his hands and helps to overcome life’s obstacles with his powers.
Another hand holds sweets, a gift to satisfy hunger.
The fourth hand is raised to give blessings and good fortune.
With his broken tusk he writes the history of the universe.
Bejewelled like a king, sparkling with gold and precious stones, he sits there with his childlike smile.

These eternal attributes interweave the mythology with my artistic creations and let the elephant god Ganesha dance out of my hands.