Dancing on Sunshine

Ganesha - Sweetness of Life
„the divine inner child“

Simple earth which slowly takes shape.
The prominent belly and plump arms and legs express his sweet,
strong, eternally childlike personality and complete satisfaction.

Rhythmic and light are his movements, despite his corpulent body.
A small mouse serves as his vehicle as a symbol of his sublimity
beyond the human ego.

From his navel unfolds the maternal energy of life in the form of the
golden spiral.
The elephant head is a symbol of innocence, wisdom and freedom
from thought.

To defend these qualities he carries weapons, and helps to master
life’s obstacles with his powers.
Another hand holds sweets as a satisfying gift.

The fourth hand is raised to give protection and freedom from fear.
With his broken tusk he writes the history of the universe.

Royally decorated with sparkling jewels and shining gold — or in
simple form — he sits peacefully smiling at you.

So I am interweaving these eternal qualities of the divine inner child
into my artistic creations, and thus allow the elephant god Ganesha
to dance out of my hands.

Brigitte Saugstad