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„Taiei international“ in der „Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Gallery“

3. Bis 6. August 2019

I have a vision …

One motif to which I always return in my work is the image of Ganesha, the
Indian elephant god, the archetype of the divine child.
Sometimes fantastic – sometimes abstract – always new – Ganesha emerges
from the clay in my hands.
Basically benevolent, Ganesha is also ready to fight and carries weapons to
defend his divine mother and her creation.
In response to current world events, I am sending an army of terracotta
soldiers in the shape of Ganeshas to the battlefield today.
Ganesha is also called Ganapati, and in this form he is the commander of an
army of good powers, innocence – love – joy and wisdom.
My vision is that this army marches into the world to overcome all the evil
forces that want to harm man and creation.
Brigitte Saugstad

Brigitte Saugstad
„The Armee of the Ganapati“ Installation
Photo on canvas, 2019